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Armin van Buuren drops uplifting track ‘Hold On’ with Davina Michelle: Listen

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Armin van Buuren and Davina Michelle surprised the audience of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Zandvoort with an unannounced performance that became the site for the official release of their new song: ‘Hold On.’ The unexpected release must have left fans of the Armada label co-founder and Dutch songstress in waves of intense euphoria. Even more so after announcing that they are planning to release a complimentary club version of the song.

‘Hold On’ by the Dutch duo Armin van Buuren and Davina Michelle lyrically emphasizes determination and internal locus. Armin van Buuren’s outstanding production undergirds Davina Michelle’s ear-melting vocals with an uplifting beat. The result is a catchy, danceable pop crossover that hooks listeners from start to finish.

In a press release, Armin van Buuren shares his appreciation for Davina Michelle creative talent and his serenity with their cooperation’s result:

“About two-and-a-half years ago, when we released ‘Hoe Het Danst’ together with Marco Borsato, I couldn’t help but shout from the rooftops how much I loved Davina’s vocal performance. So naturally, it was a no-brainer to get together with her for a second time to write this song. I am beyond proud of the result; hearing your own lyrics has always been special to me, let alone when they’re sung to perfection.”

On the same note, Davina Michelle utters her admiration for Armin van Buuren’s musical talent and her gratitude for collaborating with him:

“I’m really proud of our new single. I’m still buzzing from the fact that I got to hit the studio with someone so musically gifted as Armin to create a powerful song that reflects who we are as musicians. I’m also very honored he asked me to accompany him at his biggest-ever European solo show in Romania.”

Not surprisingly, the Dutch duo is determined to continue: After one hundred million streams for 2019 critically acclaimed single ‘Hoe Het Danst’ with distinguished Dutch singer Marco Borsato, Armin van Buuren and Davina Michelle’s ‘Hold On’ is just the beginning of what will be a longer collaboration. As mentioned by Michelle in the press release, the pair will perform together on September 25 at van Buuren’s biggest-ever European solo show in Bucharest, Romania. The exhilarating live performance at the Formula 1 Grand Prix demonstrated that the two make a stunning creative couple both in the studio and on stage. The world of music is eagerly waiting for what else they will come up with.

Image Credit: Armin van Buuren Facebook.

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