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Tesla Berlin Gigafactory Party hosted 9.000 attendees

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Remember when Elon Musk asked if people thought it was a good idea to throw a party at Tesla Berlin’s Gigafactory? Well, he actually did. Musk transformed the production site in Berlin into a one-day festival site to celebrate the launch of the new Gigafactory. The line-up featured the likes of Boris Brechja, who is as innovative in his sound production as Tesla claims to be in the automobile market.

The Tesla Berlin Gigafactory party rooted a big stage with a massive sound system and sonic light system into the ground. It also staged a Ferris wheel, robot balloon figures, arcade games, little food stalls, and had the newest Tesla cars zooming around. Attendees bounced to tech-house sounds and diligently documented the event on social media. The PR stunt turns out as an immense success sides Tesla.

The party at the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin doesn’t remain without controversy, though. The event has come to be criticized to pinkwash Tesla’s extensive international growth strategy that centralizes wealth and entrenches global inequalities. The construction of the factory had started without permits. Moreover, environmentalists questioned the environmental impact the factory would have. Objections were made regarding the deforestation necessary to build the factory, its water and energy use, as well as the necessary constructions to connect it to road infrastructure.

Independent of that, Elon Musk once more demonstrated his affection for electronic dance music culture. The party at the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin is testimony to that inasmuch as his production of ‘Don’t Doubt Your Vibe,’ which was remixed by techno wunderkind Sven Väth.

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