Matthias London


Drug Diaries

"the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time."

– Jack KEROUAC –

If there’s one thing that has stretched itself through my life, it’s novelty; an insatiable thirst for experience that comfortably sits at the liminal edge of my personal boundaries… All the time. Finding a balance that is maintained by constantly navigating the outer poles of opposing extremes has had me seriously question how much longer I would make it in this world. I mean, how much longer could I possibly twirl around like a high-powered mutant without going mad? What was the end of all this? The purpose?

– Experience –

– Reflection –

Coming to terms with a lifestyle that unapologetically seeks to maximize novelty has brought me closer to myself. Accept it: You’re mad. New lands, new plans, new people with new perspectives, different dance, new music, losing my shit,  new problems, divine sublimity, personal intimacy, love, life, death; rebirth, bless. All this life fronting me at light speed, I try to keep up the rhythm without a chance to succeed. It becomes an illness if I don’t contemplate and remember. I needed stillness to find my place and to center.

Drug Diaries is inspired by real-life experiences. It is an attempt to make sense of the beautiful and the ugly of my very personal jazz of life. The stories I tell are partly true, partly fictional. You’ll see characters who don’t exist and situations that never were. Dialogues that were never held and landscapes that were never seen. Though, all of it comes straight from my heart, some straight through my eyes, my skin, my ears, straight through the nose (that said, all recreational substance use is fictional, of course; just to spice thing up a lil’). To make it an immersive reading, I use multimedia narrative techniques. Throughout the journey, I expand the written storytelling with visual narratives and musical narratives for a multisensorial experience that catalyzes you straight into the story.

– Expression –

– Drug Diaries –


Instead of the Chokramudi peak, it goes down the Munnar tea plantations during an acid trip.


It's Friday... Ketamine-Friday.

Voice note for baby man

Someone had a hard day. They receive an uplifting voice note. And make a lovig

Hopped on a 45-hour-long flight from Mexico to Cape Town that made me go through departure, nostalgia, and overwhelming novelty.