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Globetrotter, OBSERVER, LISTENER, THinker, writer, Critic, Creative,

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And I'm stoked to tell them all

Ever since I can think back, I’ve been using storytelling as a tool to make sense of the jazz of life. As a juvenile, I used to have an audience and a front stage: Facing my three friends who squatted on a park bank under a foggy moonlight mist, I forged narratives out of my lived experience and presented them to my nail-biting homies.

Years later, I am using narrative in every aspect of my life – most notably in my academic research, in my professional career, and in my creative writing. It’s one of the few things that has remained with me throughout major transformations.

I use storytelling
to create value for clients

Despite accelerating digitalization in every life sphere, there’s something that artificial intelligence cannot convey: Human emotionWith the turn toward emotional marketing  came a need for empathy to map out target audiences and tailor the content to the persona.

Yes, you can feed software some keywords and the deep-learning machine will spit out SEO-optimized text that read better and better each day. But artificial intelligence cannot sprinkle their writing with the paradigm of human emotion necessary to create a deep connection with the clienté.

And narrative research methods...

Nodlon dancing, photographed from behind with a city projected on his back

And narrative research methods have been guiding my
electronic dance music research

... Have been guiding my
electronic dance music research

The Global Studies Programme is a research-oriented M.A. with a theoretical focus on critical sociology. Granting its students the option to choose their field of research freely, I am investigating the field of electronic dance music cultures. 

This has changed my life in at least two significant ways:

  1. It required the courage to align my professional career with both my academic interests and personal lifestyle in focusing on the production of content about electronic music
  2. It gave me the necessary methodological tools to analyze narratives and therefore fine-tuned my storytelling skills for both creative writing and professional content production

Where I'm Going From here?