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Meet Matthias London

an aficionado of many mediums, from pen and lens to the vast digital canvas. Schooled in the art of critically questioning norms at Humboldt University Berlin, his creative path winds through the written word, camera wielding, and audio-visual immersion. Driven by a curiosity for the jazz of life, Matthias dives into the essence of human experiences with a humble nod to the interconnected world we navigate and a broad, inviting smile.

Creative Inspiration

Matthias's work invites you on a trip through the visually spectacular and thoughtfully abstract, a personal and collective narrative that is inspired by encounters with nature, electronic music, and psychoactive substances. His photography and audio-visual works are windows into life's diverse textures, from serene landscapes or EDM to surreal experiences, each piece an invitation to connect, reflect, and immerse in wonder. 

Awards and Certificates

In the grand scheme, these recognitions are but waypoints on a journey far greater than the accolades themselves.

  1. Certificate in Projection Mapping/Videomapping, SAE Institute, Mexico City, 2024. Earned certification from a leading global creative media education organization, demonstrating advanced skills in projection and videomapping techniques.

  2. DAAD Scholarship for EDM Research, German Academic Exchange Service, 2021-2022. Awarded a prestigious scholarship for a year-long research project in India and South Africa, researching their electronic dance music cultures.

  3. Project Funding for Homelessness Initiative, Goethe Institut, 2021. Secured funding for a development project in Cape Town, utilizing photography and storytelling to highlight and address issues of homelessness.

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