Matthias London

Hi, I'm Matthias

A CONTENT Producer, researcher,
and Writer

Research articles

The Humboldt University in Germany, University of Pretoria in South Africa, and Jawaharlal Nehru University in India provided me with a critical education in the humanities. Throughout the M.A. Global Studies Programme, I formed a research interest in de- & post-colonial studies, feminist studies, and identity research. Using qualitative narrative research, I investigate topics such as (collective) identity construction, resistance, pleasure, sexuality, and drug use in electronic dance music scenes around the globe.

Content Production

Professionally, I have solidified expert knowledge in various fields of marketing and communications, specifically in the field of content production. I produced written & imagery content for tink, including publishing for their blog, and devised a strategic roadmap for Google content on the tink website, fed the Hella Aglaia social media channels with original content, I wrote social media posts for the European Commission Lorenzo Natali Media Prize 2018, and internal newsletters for Turkish Airlines.

Creative Writing

I make use of narratives in both research and marketing. Target-oriented emotional marketing requires apt stories, and we can use storytelling as a tool to illuminate identity construction. But what about the narrative I call my life? Inspired by Beatnik and Gonzo literature, I write about what inspires me. Making use of autobiographical fiction helps me to make sense of the life game.

Nodlon photo shot in a mirror with plants in the background.

Matthias London

Traveling electronic dance music enthusiast and writer

Hi, let me introduce myself: Matthias London (Nodlon), a country-hopper, club-goer, and experience-seeker who observes, asks, listens, and writes. I’m currently pursuing a joint-degree in M.A. in Global Studies that marries all the above: Living and studying on at least three continents while specializing in the qualitative study of their respective electronic dance music cultures and writing about them. A firm believer that it is through narratives that we make sense of the jazz we call “life,” I use storytelling to engage audiences in critical reflections on inequality, decoloniality, pleasure, and resistance in electronic dance music scenes. Apart from that, I’m a full throttle adventurer. Believe it or not, I hitchhiked 2000 km from Cologne to Istanbul, biked 120 km through the Sahara from Cairo to Tunis Village, climbed the 5200-km-tall Iztaccíhuatl in sneakers and without gloves, and almost got slurped away while wild camping alone next the Santa Domingo river during a celestial rain. How else am I supposed to get inspired in a white collar society that best sees me wiggle my between the guaranteed-depression triangle of work, bar, and home? 

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