Matthias London

Fractal Visions of Itacaré: A Psychedelic Exploration of Brazil's Paradise Beaches


Visually explore Itacaré, Brazil, through this location & experience-driven short documentary. It blends the natural beauty of Itacaré with the intriguing patterns of fractal geometries, offering a unique and vivid perspective of the place. Guided by the author’s tripped-out narration, you get to experience the psychedelic landscapes through the author’s eyes. Editing techniques playing with mirrors and VFXs bring out the surreal qualities of the fractals, while the engaging soundtrack “Son de los Diablos” by Ale Hop & Laura Robles adds depth to each scene.

I’m gonna go to a beautiful beach,” I manifested in the morning. Magick would do its thing. It’s as reliable as it gets. “You should take a guide, there’s many different trails,” they said. “Nah, you’ll get there by yourself. You can’t get lost. Every way is the right one, there is nothing such as a wrong path” my acid-infused gringo mind said. Of course, I got lost on my way to Prainha Beach in Itacare, Brazil. At around sundown time, I ran back, scratched and bruised by the jungle walk. Praia da Ribeira is not Prainha, but it’s still a beautiful beach. I should’ve manifested better. Magick is as reliable as it gets.