Matthias London

Abandono: Visualizing Romina Contreras’ Photography


  • Synopsis:

    Delve into the poignant and contemplative world of Romina Contreras through ‘Abandono,’ a video that brings her stunning analog photography and poetic narratives to life. This visualization explores Contreras’ rich themes of abandonment and memory, enhanced by the backdrop of Pablo de Rokha’s ‘Sensación de invierno en la tierra.’ Accompanied by the hauntingly minimalistic sounds of Nicolas Jaar, the video invites viewers to experience a deep emotional connection with the art.

  • Role: Director of Photography

  • Technical Aspects: Sony a6500 camera with a Sigma 24-70 mm lens

  • Credits:

    • Book & Photography: Romina Contreras
    • DoP & Post-Production: Matthias London
    • Music: “Telahumo” by Nicolas Jaar