Matthias London

Los dinamos, Mexico City – Topology of Circular Linearity

Topology of CIrcular Linearity


This experimental audio-visual clip explores the concept of infinite progression as sonically executed by Markus Schmickler’s ‘Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy.’ “Topology of Circular Linearity” was filmed at Los Dinamos, Mexico City. and video seeks to capture the essence of an infinite sonic come-up through a visual technique that mimics an infinite zoom. Inspired by the captivating intro of the film ‘Limitless,’ I employed three different focal lengths (24mm, 50mm, & 70mm) to photograph the same landscape, blending these layers in After Effects to create a continuous zoom effect. This artistic approach invites viewers into a mesmerizing journey through space and perception, underscored by the profound track of Markus Schmickler.