Matthias London

Nightlife Visuals for Espacio Ro


Espacio Ro & My ROle

Espacio Ro is a small, alternative club known for its inclusive queer atmosphere and pulsating techno beats in the heart of Buenos Aires. It stands as a beacon for the avant-garde and the free-spirited. In this vibrant setting, I served as a photographer, videographer, and audiovisual producer, tasked with capturing the essence of Espacio Ro and broadcasting it on Instagram.

Objective & Strategy

The mission was to breathe new life into Espacio Ro’s stagnating Instagram presence, engaging the city’s young, alternative crowd seeking not just entertainment, but an experience that echoes their queer flamboyant identities. 

Creating content that ranged from candid photography to immersive videos and dynamic stop-motion, I embraced the club’s Berlin-esque industrial flair and its striking red ambiance. This content was designed to document the eclectic nights and embody the club’s spirit. I then suggested to transform Instagram stories to a canvas of nightly escapades instead of simple event announcements. Thereby, we opened a dialogue with our audience, inviting them to partake in the club’s story.


This strategic overhaul was successful, evidenced by a 30% increase in followers within six months, shattering the previous stagnation and elevating the follower count from 15,000 to 19,000.

Stop Motion

Post SLiders