Matthias London

Portraits of TAVRO: EP Cover Shoot


In the pulsing heart of Buenos Aires’ vibrant music scene, I embarked on a visual journey with techno singer and songwriter TAVRO for the cover of his upcoming EP. 

Concept: From Washed Home Shoot...

Initially conceived to mirror the uplifting energy of TAVRO’s music through a washed-out, matte home shoot. 

... to Obscure Warehouse style

Shifting to an obscure warehouse, we adopted a contrast-rich aesthetic with low dynamic range, using chains, fishnets, and dramatic props like a chainsaw and gas mask to intensify the theme. Red flares added a menacing atmosphere, emphasizing the rebellious spirit and pulsating energy of TAVRO’s music. This evolution from a gentle to a stark, industrial visual narrative captures the essence of TAVRO’s artistic identity.