Matthias London

Music Videos

Rattlesnakke - Accelera

  • Synopsis: Join Rattlesnakke as your co-pilot on a high-speed journey through the vibrant heart of Buenos Aires in “Accelera.” Experience the city’s iconic landscapes as they blend into a blur of colors and lights.

  • Role: Director of Photography

  • Technical Aspects: Captured with a Sony a6500 camera and Sony G12-24mm & Sigma 24-700mm lenses. Stabilized using a DJI RS2 Gimbal and illuminated by Aperture MC lighting. Scenes securely shot from a moving vehicle using Smallrig SC-2K Car Mount.

  • Credits:

    • Music & Production: Rattlesnakke
    • Directed by Matias Jerez (@akaelmilagro)
    • Produced by @rojarojaroji
    • DoP: @matjsyn
    • Wardrobe: ArchivoAR & Bolsa_Bolsa_
    • Styling: Julián Camps (@jucamps)
    • Makeup Artists: @babytramposa, @vverafx
    • Featured Performers: @twins_dancegroup, @latinbambina, @babytramposa
    • Graphic Design: @princex_13

Valujua & Brillitxs - Mi culo es cine

  • Synopsis: Run & gun, zero-budget video for Buenos Aires’ independent musicians Valujua & Brillitxs in “Mi culo es cine.” 

  • Role: Director of Photography

  • Technical Aspects: Filmed with a Sony a6500 and a Sigma 24-70mm lens. Stabilized using a DJI RS3 stabilizer and illuminated with Godox TL 60 bars.


    • Music Production: @chainoonthebeat
    • DoP: @matjsyn
    • Editor: @akaelmilagro
    • Wardrobe: @iarebyiare, @_kowan

Carmen Villain - Future Sound Scapes Festival, Berlin 2021

  • Synopsis: Experience Carmen Villain live at the Future Sound Scapes Festival in Berlin, 2021. This unique recording captures the essence of her performance, combining the live visuals with a studio-recorded track. The fusion of raw performance energy with polished audio clarity offers viewers an immersive experience that showcases Carmen Villain’s dynamic artistry.

  • Role: Camera & Post-Production

  • Technical Aspects:

    • Equipment: Filmed using a Sony a6500 paired with a Sony 18-105mm f/4 G OSS lens.
    • Audio Strategy: The direct sound was replaced with a polished, studio-recorded track, ensuring high audio quality and clarity.